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Research Papers

Garrett et al 2023 Scientific Reports

Applying an ecosystem services framework on nature and mental health to recreational blue space visits across 18 countries

Marks et al 2023 Frontiers in Psychology

Stories of hope created together: A pilot, school-based workshop for sharing eco-emotions and creating an actively hopeful vision of the future

Jones et al 2022 Nature-Based Solutions

A typology for urban Green Infrastructure, to guide multifunctional planning of nature-based solutions

Fletcher et al 2022 Sustainability

Location, Location, Location: Modelling of Noise Mitigation by Urban Woodland Shows the Benefit of Targeted Tree Planting in Cities

van den Bogerd et al 2021 Landscape and Urban Planning

Urban blue space renovation and local resident and visitor well-being: A case study from Plymouth, UK

Griffiths et al 2021 Journal of Open Hardware

New Water and Air Pollution Sensors Added to the Sonic Kayak Citizen Science System for Low Cost Environmental Mapping

Börger et al 2021 Science of the Total Environment

The value of blue-space recreation and perceived water quality across Europe: A contingent behaviour study

Garrett et al 2020 Environmental Research

Urban nature and physical activity: Investigating associations using self-reported and accelerometer data and the role of household income

Elliott et al 2020 Landscape and Urban Planning

Research Note: Residential distance and recreational visits to coastal and inland blue spaces in eighteen countries

Garrett et al 2019 Health and Place

Coastal proximity and mental health among urban adults in England: The moderating effect of household income

Pasanen et al 2019 Environment International

Neighbourhood blue space, health and wellbeing: The mediating role of different types of physical activity

Elliott et al 2019 Urban Forestry & Urban Greening

The effects of meteorological conditions and daylight on nature-based recreational physical activity in England

Garrett et al 2019 Animal Conservation

Skyglow extends into the world’s Key Biodiversity Areas

Garrett et al 2019 Health & Place

Urban blue space and health and wellbeing in Hong Kong: Results from a survey of older adults

Personalised Ecology

Griffiths et al 2017 PLoS Biology

Sonic Kayaks: Environmental monitoring and experimental music by citizens

Walsh et al 2017 Renewable Energy

Monitoring the condition of Marine Renewable Energy Devices through underwater Acoustic Emissions: Case study of a Wave Energy Converter in Falmouth Bay, UK

Garrett et al 2016 Marine Pollution Bulletin

Long-term underwater sound measurements in the shipping noise indicator bands 63 Hz and 125 Hz from the port of Falmouth Bay, UK

Conference Papers and Abstracts

UK Public Health Science 2021

Association between greenspace and time spent in nature with subjective wellbeing: a cross-sectional data linkage study

Underwater Acoustics Conference and Exhibition 2017

PhD Thesis

Interdisciplinary study into the effect of a marine renewable energy testing facility on the underwater sound in Falmouth Bay

Evidence briefs and policy reports

Lovell et al 2021

Chapter 6: The benefits of coastal living in Chief Medical Officer’s annual report 2021: health in coastal communities

Wheeler et al 2021

Nature, biodiversity and health: an overview of interconnections

Hall et al 2020

Using urban blue spaces to benefit health and wellbeing